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A bus journey across India - 7 states, 6000 kilometres in just 60 days. This is the story of India's forgotten backyards, of people brushed under the carpet of indifference and apathy; a story of individuals fighting all odds for their basic rights - a story of a thousand revolutions in a thousand Bhopals. In November 2002, Greenpeace campaigners undertook such a journey to uncover what they call "corporate" crime. What they found was shocking far beyond words - pipes brazenly pouring untreated effluents into rivers, roads and houses constructed from radioactive materials, a skyline that is never free of poisonous fumes, children who are treated no better than guinea pigs.


Directed by Nina Subramani, Miles To Go is the story of what may well be one of the most important journeys ever made in this country.

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